LOFT Community Services’ Responsibilities to Clients

Revised January 2018

Relevant Legislation

None applicable


LOFT takes its responsibility to clients seriously. The responsibilities of LOFT are outlined in this policy.


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Value client well being and safety

LOFT employees will hold the needs, well-being and safety of clients as a vital concern and priority in their support  relationships with clients.

Practice non-discrimination

LOFT employees will be sensitive to diversity and shall not discriminate on the grounds of colour, creed, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, social class, religion or political belief.

Ensure informed consent

LOFT employees will ensure all clients understand when they are giving consent and will re-visit any consent given as required.

Engage all people with respect

LOFT employees will have respect for the uniqueness and dignity of clients and colleagues and shall treat all people with fairness and courtesy.

Maintain client confidentiality

LOFT staff will hold client information in confidence within the confines of the law. Since considerations of safety or legal obligations may on occasion override confidentiality, these limits will be discussed with clients.

Respect client privacy

LOFT employees will be actively involved in ensuring client privacy.

Foster choice

LOFT employees will foster client choice and client independence except where these may cause harm to self or others.

Protect client well being

LOFT employees will have regard for the needs of clients who are unable to exercise self-determination or to ensure their own personal safety and act to protect clients’ best interests, rights and well being.

Maintain client anonymity

LOFT employees will preserve the anonymity of clients when information is used in education, training, research or publications, unless prior informed consent has been granted.

Facilitating client access to services

While LOFT may exercise the right not to accept a client, the organization will ordinarily take reasonable steps to ensure that the client has information regarding access to other services.

Practice impartiality

LOFT will strive to be impartial and offer its services without favouritism or bias.




See Program Manual.