Information and Communication Technology Use Policy

Effective date: August 1, 2018

Relevant Legislation:



LOFT aims to ensure that the use of technology in its activities will enhance, and not be an impedance to quality client care or pose any risks to client safety and security.


This policy relates to the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) or recording devices for communication, assessment, treatment or any other activity that involves LOFT clients. Details on computer and mobile device use are outlined in separate policies.

Express consent is required for the use of any technology in the delivery of service. For communication technology, this includes signing of LOFT consent and release form for photography, sound or video recording of a client and signing of OTN consent form for use of OTN technology as applicable.


Programs will take steps to confirm prior to the start of each session that necessary technology or equipment are available and functional.  In the case of communication technology, this will be verified at both the original and remote sites.

Programs will be familiar with emergency procedures related to service delivery via ICT including, but not limited to, familiarity with remote site emergency procedures and identification of local emergency resources including phone numbers.

Use of technology will be explicitly noted at the start of each session.

In situations where attempts to mitigate refusal of consent are not successful and the use of technology is critical to client care, refusal of consent will be documented and reasonable steps taken to provide the services without said technology.