Non-violent Practices

Effective date: September 30, 2011

Revised January 2018

Relevant Legislation:

Not applicable to this policy.


The policy describes the expectations of LOFT Community Services with respect to the treatment of clients.


Not applicable to this policy.


The services of LOFT Community Services are based upon the principles and practices of psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) and recovery.  As such,  LOFT has clear expectations with respect to acceptable standards of conduct by staff with clients, along with consequences for disregarding such expectations.  These expectations should be clear in all communications with clients including client handbooks, leases, agreements or other such written material provided at the initiation of service.

The physical restraint or seclusion of a client is not an option for staff members of LOFT Community Services.

Staff should establish reasonable expectations about behavior with clients, taking into account the individual characteristics of each client served and the particular program and/or community context of where services are provided.  Problematic behavior is best dealt with in a pro-active manner and/or at the first indication of trouble.  The least intrusive and effective strategy available is always the approach of choice.

Training and discussion of how to recognize precursors that may lead to aggressive behavior, medical conditions that may contribute to aggressive behaviour and the use of a continuum of alternative interventions will be provided at each program.

The safety of everyone involved in any given situation is of paramount importance, and therefore, the focus of staff interventions will be to de-escalate a dangerous situation and/or disengagement in the event of a threatened physical confrontation.



See program manual.