Fundraising Oversight

Updated August 2018

Relevant Legislation

Not applicable to this policy.


To provide an overview of fundraising accountability at LOFT.


Not applicable to this policy.


The Board of Directors recognizes that the continued trust of donors, government funders, clients, staff and the wider community is essential to the ongoing work of LOFT, and that effective policy governance practices must be in place.

The Board governs through policies that set the strategic direction and operating principles for LOFT. Operational and administrative responsibilities are delegated to the CEO within the general limitations, guidelines and expectations established by Board policy. The CEO reports to the full Board.

The Director of Development and Communications reports to the CEO and is responsible for the design, leadership, development and delivery of the fundraising program at LOFT Community Services through a network of volunteers, staff and community supporters.

LOFT is accredited by the Image Canada Standards Program in five areas: Board Governance, Financial Accountability and Transparency, Fundraising, Staff Management and Volunteer Involvement.