Staff Rules and Regulations

Effective date: September 30, 2011

Revised January 2018

Relevant Legislation:

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Not applicable to this policy.


Not applicable to this policy.



1. It is the responsibility of every staff member to be present and on time at his/her regular place of work, unless other arrangements have been agreed to in advance with the supervisor.

2. No staff member working in continuous operations, (such as residential care), and involved in a crisis situation will leave his/her place of duty until either, the crisis has been dealt with, the staff member has been properly relieved, or permission has been received from the supervisor.

3. In the event of an illness resulting in absence from work, it is the responsibility of staff to advise their supervisor at the earliest possible time of such absence in accordance with normal practice for that program or work unit and prior to or the commencement of their normal day.

4. All other absences from work must be agreed to in advance with the supervisor in accordance with normal practice. In cases of emergency, the supervisor must be notified as soon as possible.

5. Lateness will not be tolerated. In the event of unavoidable lateness, the staff member will either be allowed to make up the lost time or have such time deducted from salary, at the discretion of the supervisor.

6. No staff member shall neglect his/her job, duties and responsibilities, or fail and/or refuse to perform work assigned to him/her by an authorized person.

7. Staff is responsible for the proper security and safety of all program files, documents, computer resources, equipment and tools. Confidential consumer files and other documents must be securely locked up when not in use.

8. Program files, records and other documents will not be removed from program premises without proper authorization from the supervisor.

9. Staff is required to observe all the requirements of the legislation they may be working under and any other program policies and/or procedures found in service and other manuals.

10. All defined recording requirements will be maintained. Each record must be complete, accurate, concise and timely. This is of particular importance in the event of a planned or unplanned absence, as the safety and well-being of consumers could be at risk.

11. Overtime must be properly authorized in advance as a condition for being paid for such overtime, except in emergency situations where prior consent cannot be obtained. In such cases, the staff member will advise the supervisor of the circumstances as soon after as it is possible and reasonable.

12. Staff must follow the Protocol for Media Contact Policy of LOFT. All requests for information from any media source must be forwarded to the C.E.O.

13. Distributing and/or posting written matter of any description on program premises without written approval by management is prohibited.

14. The use or possession of alcohol, the improper or illegal use or possession of drugs on program premises, and/or being under the influence of either alcohol or drugs during working hours and/or on program premises, is strictly prohibited.

15. Sleeping while at work or on duty is not permitted at any time under any circumstances, unless agreed to as part of an overnight position.

16. Dangerous play and/or other activities that may be offensive or distract, interfere with or endanger other staff, is strictly forbidden.

17. Betting, gambling and related activities are not permitted on agency premises or during working hours.

18. The use of program materials, supplies and/or equipment by a staff member for any purpose other than authorized by LOFT Community Services, is strictly prohibited.

19. The computer resources provided by LOFT Community Services are intended to assist staff in the performance of their jobs. Staff found abusing their computer privileges will be subject to discipline.

20. Keys to buildings, offices, desks or files must only be used by the staff member to whom they were issued and only on authorized business. Such keys must be turned in to the supervisor when leaving on a lengthy absence.

21. Identification cards issued to staff are the property of the program and may only be used for authorized purposes. The loss of an identification card must be reported immediately to the supervisor.

22. On termination of employment, identification cards, keys, manuals, files, records and other program materials must be returned immediately to LOFT Community Services.

23. Staff is required to observe other rules or regulations, policies, procedures and professional standards within a specific setting, work area or program.

24. Staff is required to review the Program Manual and Procedures for their individual program each year.

The foregoing does not represent an exhaustive summary of all rules and regulations. Staff members who are in breach of these rules and regulations, other program rules and regulations or who commit other misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.



See program manual.