Everyone Deserves a Place to Call Home Sweet Home

LOFT provides mental health, addiction and housing support to the most vulnerable in your community. Since 1953, LOFT Community Services has been collaborating with local health agencies and government services to fill critical gaps in the health care system across the City of Toronto, York Region and other communities.

We are there to help clients like Karlina live a dignified life.

“It really is wonderful to know there’s someone there you. LOFT gave me that. I am so grateful!”

Karlina fled to Toronto with her family from war-torn Sudan, but she couldn’t escape her family’s abuse or the mental health challenges that began in her teens. “My family dismissed the symptoms as attention-getting,” she recalls. One day at work, while helping someone deal with abuse similar to her own experience, Karlina’s issues were triggered. She suffered a debilitating emotional breakdown. She was suddenly unable to perform basic tasks, go to work or seek help. Out of work, she’d wash her clothes in the sink until her hands were raw, and go to food banks. She feared she would end up on the street.

Karlina considered suicide.

As Karlina recounts, this is when “LOFT saved my life”. LOFT Community Support Worker, Irene, showed Karlina that she was worthy of help and that there was a path forward back to wellness. Karlina was finally properly diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Irene guided her through the health care system and made sure she got the right mental and physical health care. With LOFT by her side, she developed emotional stability, got her finances back on track, and gained access to supportive housing. She won a scholarship and enrolled to become a paralegal, and recently graduated.

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Supportive and Supported Housing. LOFT maintains a range of housing options to meet diverse needs, from transitional housing to long-term assisted living and daily care.

Support in your neighbourhood. LOFT provides supported housing, case management and street outreach services to the City of Toronto, York Region and Simcoe County.

One-on-one support. LOFT Case Managers help people access the help they need to manage crises and maintain daily life with dignity.

Centralized Access. LOFT coordinates with 55 partner agencies and 200 referring agencies to deliver effective solutions with the greatest efficiency.

Specialized services. LOFT supports people with complex challenges such as dementia, homelessness, mental illness, and more.

Vaccination in hotspots. LOFT partners with local health agencies to organize COVID-19 vaccine clinics for high-risk individuals and hot spot areas in northwest Toronto.

Everyone deserves a place to live with dignity

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