Recovering from PTSD and Building Confidence: Jason’s Story

Precarious conditions and toxic work environments can certainly affect one’s mental health. That’s what happened to LOFT client Jason. Working for over 10 years at a milk plant, Jason went through several negative experiences that led him to develop post-traumatic

Making Personal Sacrifices for Our Clients: LOFT’s Rhonda Sloane

COVID-19 has changed everything for Rhonda Sloane and others on LOFT’s Behavioural Support Transition Resource team. As a psychogeriatric case manager working in two North Toronto hospitals, Rhonda supports seniors with behavioural issues and mental illnesses, helping to stabilize the

Support through the pandemic: Dan’s Story

With his cat, TK, underfoot, and the time and space to focus on his art and talk with friends on the phone, Dan is finding social distancing rather pleasant. Thanks to LOFT’s unfaltering support, he’s in a good place these

Working through COVID: Leading change in uncertain times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we serve the community. Despite the challenges we’re facing, we continue to hear stories of perseverance and hope. Our team is adapting and rising to the challenge before us. The 416 Community

LOFT is Like Family: Pauline’s Story

We listen to many similar stories at LOFT, of people who had fractured relationships with family due to undiagnosed mental health challenges. Pauline, now a senior who lives at our College View location in downtown Toronto, is one of those

Brintha’s Story: One LOFT Client Comes Full Circle

In 2015, Brintha was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack its own healthy tissue. The diagnosis was difficult, and Brintha was struggling with her mental health. Feeling like she couldn’t cope, Brintha dropped out

Giving Love in the Form of Food

On a normal day, you’ll find Sandra Greenlund in the kitchen of LOFT’s 416 Community Support for Women, lovingly taking donated raw ingredients and turning them into healthy meals – 200 of them every single day. When COVID-19 hit, Sandra

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