Seniors Programs

Get to Know Us: Lorna’s Story

Lorna puts compassion first at LOFT’s Crosslinks Seniors Housing and Support Services – Shoreham Hub “There’s never a dull moment at LOFT,” says Lorna, a Senior Personal Support Worker at Crosslinks Seniors Housing and Support Services – Shoreham Hub. Employed

Get to Know Us: Allan Thayil-George

A community organizer and champion of mental health, LOFT’s Allan George helps clients live with dignity while supporting Ontario’s South Asian community of social workers. Social work has always been one of Allan George’s passions. As a Case Manager at

Unwavering Support: Artnell’s Story

LOFT’s John Gibson House is a supportive housing program for some of the most vulnerable adults in our community. Clients receive assistance for health and medical concerns, mental illness, substance abuse problems and other related issues. Artnell was referred to

Comprehensive Health Care Support: Salomi’s Story

Salomi requires support to manage her health. She gets the help she needs at LOFT’s Crosslinks Seniors Housing and Support Services. Salomi was born and raised in Guiana, South America. Her husband was a tax consultant, and she would help

A Dignified Life: Derven’s Story

LOFT’s John Gibson House provides a home and a community. On the search for a better life, Derven immigrated to Canada from Jamaica at the age of 29. He began working, eventually starting a family. Now a father, a grandfather,

Get to Know Us: Auvil Orr

Extending love and compassion to the most vulnerable while denouncing anti-Black racism. Auvil has a history of supporting those in need. Whether it’s a landlord seeking assistance or someone facing discrimination for being HIV positive, Auvil reaches out to help

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