Seniors Programs

Get to Know Us: Auvil Orr

Extending love and compassion to the most vulnerable while denouncing anti-Black racism. Auvil has a history of supporting those in need. Whether it’s a landlord seeking assistance or someone facing discrimination for being HIV positive, Auvil reaches out to help

A Decade of Living with Dignity: Jeff’s Story

When we first met Jeff ten years ago, he was struggling. Chronic poverty, substance use and serious health issues had led to a diminished life. A better reality was possible, but it would take comprehensive care and unwavering support. Jeff’s

Get to Know Us: Nicole Downes

The Coordinator of LOFT’s White Squirrel Way program advocates for clients who face discrimination and speaks to the importance of celebrating Black Canadians. Employed at LOFT for over twelve years, Nicole supports some of the most vulnerable adults and seniors

Creative and Community-Based Recovery: Jacques’ Story

After struggling with substance abuse for most of his life, Jacques uses his creative side and the help of a supportive community to keep him thriving. LOFT client Jacques was born in Amsterdam in 1955. His family had lived in

Finding a welcoming place to live: Phillip’s Story

Phillip once worked with the Toronto police force and lived in his own condo.  Initially thought to be suffering from mild depression, he was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  Faced with these challenges, in addition to subsequent mobility

LOFT is Like Family: Pauline’s Story

We listen to many similar stories at LOFT, of people who had fractured relationships with family due to undiagnosed mental health challenges. Pauline, now a senior who lives at our College View location in downtown Toronto, is one of those

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