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A Miracle in the Making: Julio’s Story

With LOFT for almost two decades, Julio receives support for his physical health challenges and housing needs. Julio is a client at our McEwan Housing and Support Services program. He lives with HIV and the health complications that come from

Merriam Music Lessons Spark Joy

LOFT clients discover the healing power of music Alan Merriam, the president and CEO of Merriam Music, made his first gift to LOFT six years ago. Since then, his investments have helped us to meet increased demands on our programs,

Dignified Living at LOFT: Chris’ Story

Living with LOFT for several years, Chris appreciates not having to hide his life experience Chris grew up in Parry Sound. He moved to Toronto to attend university, but the new rhythm of life in a big city was a

Living with multiple health challenges: Sharon’s Story

A mental health activist, Sharon receives support for her physical and mental health needs at LOFT’s Pelham Park Gardens Supported Housing program. Sharon has been living at Pelham Park Gardens, a Toronto Community Housing (TCH) site for more than 30

Get to Know Us: Crystabel Neilson

Crystabel uses her lived experience and advocacy to offer support to LGBT2SQ clients navigating mental health challenges and homelessness. Crystabel knows the challenges of being transgender. When she transitioned, she lost her job and her apartment. She chose to return

The House That Joy Built: A Spotlight on Community Support

For over 30 years, Dr. Heyding and Dr. Pritchard have been dedicating their time to vulnerable women at LOFT’s 416 Community Support for Women program. LOFT’s 416 Community Support for Women (“The 416”), is a drop-in centre providing daily meals,

Trans-Forming in Canada: Lula’s Story

Lula moved to Canada to escape LGBT2SQ discrimination. With the help of a caring Community Support Worker, Lula is now living an independent and dignified life. Lula, a transgender woman from Yemen, came to Canada as a refugee.  She escaped

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