Agency/Health Partners

We are one of the largest mental health service providers in Ontario. LOFT Community Services proudly welcomes youth, adults and seniors of all gender identities, races, religions, cultures and sexual orientations. We currently serve more than 5,000 people every year. Thanks to our proactive outreach, the number of people we assist continues to grow.

Our programs create communities of mutual support, fostering hope and independence. Within each LOFT program, clients develop powerful relationships with peers and caregivers. As they build support networks, they also make meaningful decisions impacting their daily lives.

LOFT supports the core principles of psychosocial rehabilitation, meaning the ultimate goal is personal recovery. We strive to build on our clients’ unique strengths, provide individualized support and empower them to live successfully in their communities.

We believe everyone has the capacity to learn and grow. That’s why we take pride in offering services that provide unwavering support and hope when people need us the most.