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Ontario Health Teams

Ontario Health Teams
From the desk of Heather McDonald, CEO – LOFT Community Services

We’re excited to continue taking a Leap of Faith Together with our health care and community service partners towards the vision of a connected health care system through Ontario Health Teams. Ontario Health Teams are groups of health care providers responsible for delivering a full and coordinated continuum of care to a defined geographic population.

As a regional community mental health support provider, we’re pleased to announce that we are part of the following Ontario Health Teams that have been selected to “proceed to full application”:

We also look forward continuing our work with several Ontario Health Teams designated “In Development”, working towards an invitation from the Ministry of Health to proceed to a full application.

Through this change, LOFT remains committed to influencing positive change; enhancing our clients’ voice through advocating for equal access to care; and wherever possible, ensuring clients are at the table in this new model of integrated health care.

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